Absorb Changes


  1. discover changes that were pushed up to your review branch
  2. git cherry-pick <pushed-up-commit-sha> - cherry-pick the changes down into your patch stack
  3. gps rebase w/ fixup/squash - absorb the change
  4. gps rr - re-request review of updated patch(es)


In this example let's assume that we have a simple patch stack consisting of a single patch. If we run gps ls it looks as follows because we have already requested review of our patch.

Initial patch stack

Discover Changes

We soon discover that one of the reviewers of our pull request has pushed changes up to review branch. This often happens when the reviewer is trying to give you an example or when they are trying to help you out with some changes.

We don't want just ignore their changes and do a gps rr again as we would be throwing their changes away. We also don't want to manually implement what they have already done as that is more work.

Cherry-Pick Changes

So we git cherry-pick 5bca34 to cherry-pick the change down into our patch stack. Now if we run gps ls our patch stack looks as follows.

gps ls after cherry-pick

Absorb Changes

Now we simply need to absorb the change in some way. It could be that it logically fits with our patch and therefore we fixup/squash it with our patch using gps rebase.

Or, it could be that it makes sense as a separate patch.

Re-request Review

If we did the fixup/squash approach we simply need to re-request review of our now updated patch with gps rr.

We could also have decided to keep a separate request review for it individually with gps rr and gps rr our originally patch, adding a comment on the PR to explicitly communicate the decision to keep them separate.

The last option would be that we chose to keep them separate but as part of a patch series. In which case we would use the gps rr -n foo 0-1 command to re-request review.

That is it! We just absorbed the change that was pushed up.