Request Review of a patch


  1. gps ls - list out patches in patch stack to the patch index you want to request review of
  2. gps rr <patch-index> - request review of the patch identified by the given patch-index


Get Patch Index

Before we can request review for a patch. We have to identify which patch we want to request review of and get its associated index. The best way to do this is to simply run gps ls to list out the patches in the stack with their associated indices and statuses. An example of this looks as follows.

Initial patch stack

Request Review

In the example above let's say we wanted to request review of the "Add function A & function B" patch. We look and it's associated index is 0. Therefore, to request review of this patch we simply run the following.

gps rr 0

The above kicks off the request review process for the "Add function A & function B" patch.

Isolation Verification

The first step in the request review process is to run the isolation verification if the configuration for it is enabled. For specifics on the configuration checkout the Configuration chapter.

Isolation Verification is a process where a temporary branch is created that is based on the upstream base and the patch is cherry-picked into this branch. This verifies that at least from a Git perspective the patch is independent enough to successfully be cherry-picked on top of the upstream base.

This however does not verify the patch is truly independent because it doesn't address code dependencies. To address this the Isolation Verification process supports the isolate_post_checkout hook. This is a hook that if present gets executed after cherry-picking the patch into the temporary branch and checking that branch out. It allows you to provide an isolate_post_checkout hook script that can run linting, test suite, build process, etc. which can help verify that your patch is actually independent. Details on the hook can be found in the Hooks chapter.

Request Review Branch Creation & Sync

Assuming that the isolation verification is successful it then moves onto creating the request review branch (e.g. ps/rr/some-patch-summary) based on the upstream base, cherry-picking the patch into it, and then syncing that branch with the remote.

If the isolation verification fails the command exits aborting the request review process.

Request Review Post Sync Hook

After syncing the request review branch if the request_review_post_sync hook is configured it will be executed. To find details about this hook and others check out the Hooks chapter.

This hook is commonly used to automate the creation of pull requests or create a patch email and send it to a mailing list so that all you have to do is a gps rr <patch-index> and it will take care of the entirety of requesting review of that patch.

Update a previously Requested Review

Generally when you request review of a patch you end up getting some feedback and need to modify the patch. This is done using all the techniques described in the other guides. Once the patch has been updated you want to update the request review with the new version of the patch. This is done by just requesting review of the patch again as follows.

gps rr <patch-index>

Thats it!