What is it?

Git Patch Stack is really two things; a conceptual model and a tool. The conceptual model is the high level mental model used to think in terms of managing your code changes as a stack of patches rather than a series of isolated feature branches. The tool is a command line interface to aid in streamlining the process of working within this mental model.

Git Patch Stack is no different than any other tool built around a conceptual model. It provides natural benefits as side effects of their innate characteristics. However to truly unlock it's full potential it needs to be paired with a methodology that is aligned not only with it's innate characteristics but also the foundational principles.

Why use it?

The conceptual model helps you think in terms of the stack of patches instead of a series of isolated branches. The tool makes it easy for you to operate within this model. This affords you the following benefits.

  • don't think about branches anymore
  • never blocked by waiting on peer reviews

This might be a good start and yes it is probably better than what you were doing before. But, to really make huge differences at an application architecture level and a software maintainability level you really need to adopt the methodology which will unlock even more benefits like the following.

  • develop & ship software faster
  • aligns with best practices for producing more maintainable software
  • less mental overhead & complexity
  • smaller, logical code changes, scoped to the application architecture
  • more valuable peer reviews
  • makes conflict resolution easier
  • facilitates continuous integration while still support pre-commit code review